By sharing resources such as processing facilities, integrated quality management and synergies in administration, Schwenk Oil can draw on many years of experience and expert know-how in food processing. A company owned state-of-the-art laboratory guarantees the constantly high quality of our products.

Schwenk Oil is specialised in producing premium quality fruit oils from conventional as well as organic growing.  In addition, another specialist field of Schwenk Oils’ expertise is the marketing of premium quality pomaces.

Pure cold pressing of untreated, dried and sieved fruit seeds is applied and ensures the retention of the natural nutritional value of the seeds. Secondary plant compounds are completely preserved in these oils. There is no doubt that secondary plant compounds do play a major and very important role in our daily diet. However, the composition of these secondary plant compounds and their effects on nutritional and dietary metabolism are still subject to widespread scientific research. Owing to the fact that our fruit seed oils are exposed to neither refining, nor bleaching or similar treatments, the preservation of these valuable natural ingredients is guaranteed. Oils from Schwenk Oil are of an intensive colour and a characteristic flavour.

Oils from Schwenk Oil are 100% of vegetable origin, free of cholesterol and rich in vitamin E and carotenoids. They are fully suitable for vegetarian, vegan and kosher diets.

Schwenk Oil GmbH

iIs a subsidiary of

Rauner Fruchtsäfte – Konzentrate e.K.

Inh. Jürgen Schwenk